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About me

My name is Sergio Maldonado, and I love to see the world through a viewfinder! One thing about myself is I enjoy capturing unique moments that will last for a life time. Another fun fact about my self is that I'm a huge Star Wars fan! I've grown up watching all the movies hundreds of times. You can even ask me a specific line and I can most likely tell you which movie it's from to what was going on in that scene. Now that's one of many things that I enjoy. The main one is my career choice.


I've been a professional photographer since 2012, and passionate for this profession. It all started one day when my girlfriend and I were thinking to ourselves, that it would nice to take some cute couple photos. So a few days later I borrowed one of my parents dslr cameras and we just started shooting. It was that day when I realized that I was loving the feeling of capturing such unique moments. Eventually I started shooting daily, and meeting new people who all had the same interest in photography. About a year later I had my first booking for a wedding, four years later here I am. To be able to capture someone's special day, and make that memorable moment last forever is a rewarding feeling.

I believe what makes me different from other photographers is not only do I provide quality captured moments, but I treat my clients like family. Unlike other photographers, I listen to my clients' ideas and dedicate my time to capture their vision. I've worked on a variety of projects from diverse backgrounds, and enjoyed hearing every single one of my clients' stories. When shooting at any occasion, professionalism is a priority while creating a fun genuine experience with each of my clients. Even after their successful event, I like to stay in contact with them.


My hope is you are inspired by my photography through the variety of projects I've worked on . If you wish to see more variety or a specific occasion, feel free to send me an email down below. 


Let's talk

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I would love to get to know you and what kind of event you plan on having! I hope we can work out a package for you. Let me make your special day last a life time.

Southern California

Call, Text or Email

Tel:  760-998-6116  

Email: info@photographybysergio.com